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Your Tempe Repipe Specialist

Pipes don’t last forever, we’ll at least older ones don’t. At some point in time you may need to have your home or business repiped. It could be because of corrosion in the older pipes, defective materials or even physical damage to the pipe. Service Pros Plumbing Heating & Air uses top of the line copper and PEX piping to ensure your home or business has the best water system it possibly can.

Copper piping laid out for a repipe in Tempe, AZ

Our Piping Methods

Our methods allow us to repipe most buildings through the existing pipe outlets so there is little to no damage to the existing finishes on the building interior. This saves time, money and hassle that used to be common with a building repipe service.

If, however, we do have to cut into your existing drywall, we will refinish the area so you won’t be able to tell that any work was done. That’s the difference Service Pros makes.

We Cover All Your Repiping Needs

  • PEX, Copper, or a combination of both lines
  • Hose bibs
  • Shut off valves
  • Minimal damage to existing walls

Repiping Galvanized Pipes

One of the number one reasons for repipe service is because of older galvanized piping. These pipes last about 50 to 100 years, depending on how often they have been used. The interior starts to rust and break down. However, leaks are not the main concern with galvanized pipes, lead is. The interior of the pipes leeches lead into the drinking water. If you have galvanized pipes (or don’t know if you do), do yourself a favor and have your water checked right away..

Our repiping pros in Tempe can identify the type of pipes you have and help you get up to date with your current service. If you have pressure issues, knocking pipes, or other issues with your pipes, we can handle it for you. Call us for an estimate today!